• The Sabarmati High- Speed Rail( HSR) station will serve as the terminal station for the Mumbai- Ahmedabad High- Speed Rail Corridor. To make it a more accessible and connected transportation mecca in the region, the National High- Speed Rail Corporation( NHSRCL) has planned to develop it as a Multimodal Transport Hub.
  • The Multimodal Transport Hub will link the HSR line to colorful other modes of transportation, including Indian Railroads, a Metro station, and a Bus Rapid Transit( BRT) system. All of these transportation options will be located within a short walking distance from each other, making it easy for passengers to transfer between different modes of transport seamlessly.
  • To achieve this smooth connectivity and integration between the colorful transport modes around the HSR station, a central structure called the Multimodal Transport Mecca will be constructed on the East side of the Sabarmati HSR station. also, three nethermost overbridges( FOBs) will be erected, equipped with travellators( moving walkways). These FOBs will connect the Multimodal Transport Mecca with the Sabarmati HSR station, both Sabarmati Railway stations, the Metro station, and the BRTS stand.
  • The entireMulti-modal Integration plan for the Sabarmati HSR station was developed through conversations with all stakeholders, and several necessary advancements were proposed. These advancements include road widening, redesigning road numbers and junctions, and creating table-top rambler crossings, among other advancements. The end is to produce a well- connected and effective transportation mecca that facilitates easy transfers between different modes of transport for the convenience of passengers.

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Sabarmati  road station Details

  • The Sabarmati Road station connects the Mecca Structure with the Sabarmati( Meter Hand) Road station and HSR Stations. There are travelators installed in the FOB( Foot Over Bridge) for the convenience of passengers. This station provides connectivity between the Mecca Structure’s Overdue Hall and the Metro Station and BRTS stand. It also connects the HSR station’s Overdue Hall with the Railway Platforms of Sabarmati Broad Hand Road station.
  • The nation’s first bullet train runs through this station and can cover the 508- km distance in 2 hours and 57 twinkles, stopping at 12 stations along the way. To give easy access to the Mecca Structure, devoted pick- up and drop- off areas have been created for private motorcars, hacks, buses , motorcycles, and two- wheelers, along with ample parking space.
  • The Mecca Structure has a devoted Concourse Floor on the third position, which offers colorful amenities similar as staying areas, retail shops, and cafes. The structure has two separate blocks, A and B, with sundecks at two locales. Block A has 6 bottoms reserved for office spaces, while Block B, with 4 bottoms, is designed to house a hotel with apartments, dining halls, conference apartments, a swimming pool, and a eatery.
  • To grease passenger cloverleaf between Indian Railroads and HSR, a Ticket Counter for Indian Railroads will be available in the Mecca hall. There is also a large Stainless Steel aquarelle at the southern facade of the structure, depicting the notorious Dandi March movement to recognize Sabarmati’s major literal significance.
  • The Mecca Structure is designed with environmentally friendly features, including solar panels on the sundecks, green spaces, effective water operation, energy-effective air exertion, and lighting systems. utmost areas within the structure have ample natural light and give views of the surroundings.
  • The thing of integrating the Megacity’s structure and transport system is to promote availability, effective mobility, and a low- carbon future. By bringing together different transportation systems under one roof, the end is to reduce the need for trip, the distance of trip, and reliance on vehicles, contributing to a more effective and sustainable megacity.
  • To achieve better development of integratedmulti-modal systems, the Gujarat government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, plans to establish a Multimodal Affordable Transport Authority( MATA). This authority will insure the collaboration and development of colorful transportation options for a further holistic and energy-effective approach to sustainable civic development.

Multimodal transport hub several benefits

  • that make it a practical and profitable choice for transporting goods internationally. Then are some of the main advantages in simple terms.
  • Cost Savings Using multimodal transport helps save plutocrat by optimizing the transportation process. It combines different modes of transportation( like exchanges, trains, vessels,etc.) to find the most effective and cost-effective route for moving goods.
  • Enhanced Security By using multiple modes of transport, there is better oversight and protection of goods during their trip. This reduces the threat of theft or damage, giving businesses and guests lesser peace of mind.
  • Smoother Customs Process Multimodal transport streamlines customs procedures because all the necessary attestation is handled more efficiently. This can lead to hastily concurrence of goods, reducing detainments and associated costs.
  • Control over Smuggling By having a more systematized and regulated transportation system, authorities can more control and help smuggling conditioning, making it harder for illegal goods to pass through borders unnoticed.
  • Lower Import Prices Multimodal transport can contribute to reducing the overall costs of importing goods. As transportation costs are optimized, these savings can be passed on to consumers, performing in more competitive prices for imported products.
  • Boosting National Products With bettered logistics and reduced transportation costs, domestically produced goods come more competitive in the global request. This can help original diligence thrive and increase their presence on the transnational stage.
  • Overall, multimodal transport provides a smarter and more effective way to move goods, serving businesses, consumers, and the frugality as a whole.




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